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Women'S Short Sleeve Running Shirts UPF 50+ Sun Protection SPF Quick Dry Athletic Workout T-Shirts

Women'S Short Sleeve Running Shirts UPF 50+ Sun Protection SPF Quick Dry Athletic Workout T-Shirts

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Product Description

MOERDENG Women's High-performance Short Sleeve Shirts

If you are looking for a T-shirt that is both comfortable and breathable, then it is here! MOERDENG Sportswear Women's T-shirt is specially designed for athletes. It provides the right balance between comfort, performance and style.

Type: Short Sleeve Shirts

Material : 100% Polyester

Easy Care :Yes. Machine washable. No fading.

Good Hygiene : Yes.

Good Moisture Absorption : Yes.

Features: Excellent moisture wicking.Quick-Drying. Durable. Anti-Wrinkle Ability.

Occasion : Great for athletic workout,fishing, sailing, swimming, hiking and any other of your favorite sports.

To ensure what you received works in good condition, all the products we sell from manufacturing - stocking - packing - shipping have passed strict quality test.

Quick drying is one of the important considerations when choosing sportswear

  • Quick-Drying
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Durable


Polyester clothes are smooth and quick-drying. If you wear cotton clothes during exercise, because cotton cannot absorb water and dry quickly like polyester fibers, the clothes will stick to you, making you feel uncomfortable and heavy. However, in terms of breathability, cotton is litter better than polyester.

What would you choose?

Any fabric has advantages and disadvantages, the important thing is what you will do with it. Polyester fabrics are widely used in the market for sportswear. If you care about the quick-drying function after exercise, choosing MOERDENG's short sleeve shirt is absolutely correct.

Reinforced Design

Reinforced design, the neckline is not easy to deform.What's more,the raglan sleeve design weakens wide shoulders.All we want is to serve our customers well and make you feel surprised when you get the item.

Reflective Properties

The tag has reflective properties and is safe for running at night.This shows that our professionalism in sportswear.We care about user experience.

Printed Tag

In consideration of minimizing the abrasion during exercise, we replaced the traditional sewing label and used printed labels. Our printed labels are harmless.

Shirt offers a standard fit. Please choose by US size

Machine Washable
Moisture Wicking
Reinforced Design
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