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Premium Cast Iron Kettlebells Powder Coated Kettle Bell Weights - Includes LB and KG Weight

Premium Cast Iron Kettlebells Powder Coated Kettle Bell Weights - Includes LB and KG Weight

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  • GET FIT WITH YOUR KETTLEBELL- Our kettlebells will take your strength & conditioning to the next level! Use these kettle bells for a workout by doing swings, deadlifts, squats, snatches, get ups, and many other muscle building exercises!
  • SUPERIOR GRIP & ROTATION- These premium kettlebells feature a powder coat finish to enhance your grip for efficient weight training, while allowing smooth rotation for kettlebell swings or when transferring to an overhead position such as the snatch!
  • HEAVY-DUTY CAST IRON BUILD- Each kettlebell is constructed of high-quality cast iron with a powder coat finish that enhances your grip during your kettle bell strength training! No weld for maximum strength & durability, holds chalk well for more grip.
  • COLORED BANDS FOR IDENTIFICATION- 16 kg/35 lb kettlebell features a yellow color-coded band on handle, with the weight listed in pound (lbs) and kilogram (kg) markings to easily identify the kettlebell you need for your workout!
  • BUILD YOUR OWN KETTLEBELL SET- Pick & choose your weights for the ultimate kettlebells set! The sharp look coupled with the flat-bottom of the kettlebells will give you an organized set to go along with your favorite kettlebell rack.

Product Description

Whether you are a coach looking to challenge your athletes' strength and cardio abilities, or an individual trying to improve multiple aspects of your training regimen, the Valor Fitness Premium Cast Iron Kettlebells are the solution for you. Constructed of heavy-duty cast iron with a matte black powder coat finish, these uniquely shaped weights are both the competition and commercial kettlebell you have been looking for.

Kettlebells are a great tool to hit your fitness goals, whether it be building strength or serious mass, or simply to improve your functional fitness and conditioning. The use of kettlebells in your training can substitute for dumbbells or barbells, and they can provide training for numerous muscle groups at a time with movements such as kettlebell swings or Turkish get-ups. These premium kettlebell weights can also be used for deadlifts, squats (in the front rack position), snatches, and carries.

Complete Training Tool

Working out with kettlebells is a great way to develop strength by performing all basic movements patterns. Push, pull, squat, and carry safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Move Better

Learn how to move your body efficiently with strength, grace, and power by transitioning from one movement to the next. No machine can ever require you to develop a higher level of strength and mobility than a kettlebell.

Holistic Mindfulness

Be in the moment and develop a high level of focus and body awareness while combining strength, flexibility, and mobility into an anaerobic workout.

Implementing kettlebells in your programming can be a beneficial way to improve your overall fitness and health while providing a challenging workout.

CONSTRUCTION Soft, protective vinyl PVC shell Solid rubber attached to steel handle Premium cast iron welded at the handle
HANDLE STYLE Squared plastic handle Beveled, chrome-plated steel handle Beveled, premium cast iron handle

Established in 2006 in the state of Florida, Valor Fitness manufactures over 400 different products to help you meet your fitness goals without breaking the bank. With our wide variety of choices and U.S.-based customer relations staff you are sure to find all the components you need to build your new fitness facility or the ultimate home gym. From competition training, to stretching and rehabilitation, Valor Fitness has what you need to hone in on your body, and your budget.

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