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Powder Coated Kettlebells with LB and KG Markings - Strength Training, Functional Fitness, Plyometrics

Powder Coated Kettlebells with LB and KG Markings - Strength Training, Functional Fitness, Plyometrics

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  • - BUILT TO LAST: The Garage Fit powder coated kettlebell is made from cast iron for maximum durability. It is heavy duty and can take on the toughest beating. There are no seams, welds, or weak spots all throughout, and the competition kettlebells are within 2% of their stated weight.
  • - GRIP WITH COMFORT: Unlike glossy weightlifting kettlebells that easily slip with the slightest of sweat, ours have a powder coated finish that gives you great grip even without using chalk or gloves. Train without always having to make constant adjustments.
  • - KEEP RUST AT BAY: Every fitness kettle bell has a black paint non-corrosion finish. What this does to the material is provide a better protection against corrosion and rust. This is a low-maintenance exercise equipment that can retain its striking appearance even after several years of use.
  • - VERSATILE AND STABLE: Use these kettlebell weights for a wide range of workouts including lifting, squats, get-ups, and swings to boost your strength and build muscles. As an added feature, the bottom has a flat design, which makes it easy for you to store it upright and not have to worry about it rolling down.
  • - CONVENIENT TO USE: Not only do the kettlebells have their weight printed in both kilograms but also in pounds. Choose between our wide range of sizes at the best price around.

Designed for Durability
Made from solid cast iron, this kettlebell is designed to last a lifetime. It also has a powder coated, corrosion-resistant
finish that adds to its durability. The handle is wide enough to fit even large hands, and there is a slight texture to
this portion to ensure a steady grip. Even if you lift high for several reps, there is no chance of slipping that can lead
to injuries and accidents. Great for indoor or outdoor use, this kettlebell is useful for your handstands, renegade
rows, and mounted pistol squats, to name a few.
Power Up!
Looking to work on those guns and improve your overall strength? Then, it makes perfect sense to use kettlebell
during your strength training or weight lifting sessions. What's good about this kettlebell is you can choose from
different sizes, depending on your capacity and strength level. Whether you are just a beginner, or you have been
lifting for quite a while now, there is a specific weight available to match your particular needs. You can achieve a
gain in strength, power, and endurance as you use this piece of equipment for your squats, swings, lifting, and
deadlifts. Maximize results from your workouts and boost the power of your various muscle groups and certain body
parts such as your legs, arms, and shoulders.
Here’s why you’ll love these powder coated kettlebells:

- The wide handle gives you room to perform numerous workouts.

- Powder coated finish offers superior rust resistance.

- The flat bottom makes for easy storage and adds to the versatility.

- Marked in BOTH pounds and kilograms, so no need to convert!

Complement your kettlebell workouts with weights that combine durability with functional design. Click 'Add to Cart' now!
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