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Figure 8 Lifting Straps for Deadlift, Powerlifting, Strongman, & Cross Training Strong Weightlifting Wrist Straps for Men, Women

Figure 8 Lifting Straps for Deadlift, Powerlifting, Strongman, & Cross Training Strong Weightlifting Wrist Straps for Men, Women

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  • TOUGH, DURABLE LIFTING STRAPS - Whatever your goal, when you're training and needing a stronger grip around the barbell, our thick cotton strength straps are the most durable strongman and powerlifting Figure 8 straps on the market today.
  • BUILT FOR TRAINING GRIP IMPROVEMENT - With the unique figure 8 strap improvements we've produced a pair of straps that can work with deadlift bars, barbells, axle bars, and farmer's carry bars for better grip strength.
  • MULTIPLE SIZE OPTIONS FOR BETTER FIT - Based around the dimensions of your wrist (Refer to the size chart in the image gallery), we've produced three sizes that are made for men and women in any sport ranging from strongman, powerlifting, bodybuilding, cross training, and other power sports.
  • STRONGMAN & POWERLIFTING APPROVED - Gymreapers is represented by world class athletes, trainers, and competitors and we've ensured the design, fit, and function of our Figure 8 straps are the top tier option on the strength market.
  • GYMREAPERS TRAINING GEAR - Gymreapers designs and manufacturers high quality fitness equipment and apparel that merges durable products, aesthetic design, and high quality materials. We’ve developed a full line of training tools to assist you in pursuing and achieving all of your fitness goals.

Product Description

Gymreapers has and always will be a brand created by athletes, for athletes.

Our mission is set on innovation in athletic performance through designing and manufacturing the best weightlifting equipment and accessories in the industry.


With a quick search it's not hard to see the unlimited options for figure 8 lifting straps on the market today.

What makes Gymreapers different, is we are founded by powerlifters, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts striving to take our physical limits to the next level...

In doing so we found the need to produce premium, heavy duty products that can help us get there. Working with elite world recording holding powerlifters, world renowned fitness trainers, and the thousands of customers we have had the privilege to serve, we have indentified various aspects we knew we had to improve...

  1. Companies will sacrifice durability and longevity of the wraps they offer to appease comfort, cheap materials, and their margins.
  2. There is an inherent danger in the lack of support offered by poorly made products that have poor stitching, soft elastic, and are overall made cheaply.
  3. The longevity of durable fitness equipment is a key component in a good product - we found that whether it was fraying stitching, loose elastic or an assortment of other issues that went wrong with wrap we were never satisfied with the end product.

As someone trying to get the utmost out of their training, you want to be able to rely on cranking your wrist wraps to the level of tension needed, pressing or adding support where needed at a level that you can rely on consistently.

You want the strength, stability, and the support you envisioned to hit your pr's and numbers in the gym.

Look no further, here's exactly why Gymreapers figure 8 straps are right for you...

  • The figure 8 straps come in multiple sizes to provide a tight, supportive grip
  • You pay a lot for your gym membership to workout and see results, get more from your training with better grip strength so you can train harder and longer with our workout straps
  • For your training, the figure 8 form ensures that you can wrap the strap around any barbell, axle bar, etc and maintain a firm, strong grip while going heavy.

What is included with your purchase?

  • 1 pair of strong Gymreapers Figure 8 straps

Don’t hesitate, join the movement and add our strongman straps to your cart to instantly improve your grip, strength, and train harder.

Gymreapers Innovation in Athletic Performance

It is essential to have premium grip in the gym when it comes to hitting those PR's. Gymreapers Figure 8 Lifting Straps are made with top grade materials with enhanced stitching to ensure durability, as well as functionality.


Our mission is to provide premium weightlifting equipment created for everyone. Whether you're a beginner or a world class athlete we create the best quality training straps for a high level of support and stability for your grip while simultaneously ensuring better form and function.

Order with confidence, when you order our Gymreapers figure 8 straps for strongman, cross training, deadlifting or any other exercise enjoy peace of mind knowing that we stand by our products and will ensure your products and experience with Gymreapers is excellent.


Key Features

Figure 8 Strap Specifications
  • Thick, heavy duty cotton with reinforced stitching
  • Competition tested and approved for strength training
  • Various sizes available for tight fit and support
  • Perfect for deadlifts, shrugs, rows, cross training, strongman, and other heavy pulling exercises.
  • 5 star experience & satisfaction when ordering with Gymreapers
Locks in Grip Support and Strength

When used properly in training, Figure 8 Straps lock in your grip so you can focus on the movement rather than your grip. Our straps are tested by world class strongman and cross training athletes for superior performance and support.

How Our Figure 8 Straps Work

Durable, Strong For Functional Support

Premium fitness gear at a cost that doesn't break your bank. These long reinforced figure 8 straps are manufactured for deadlifts and strongman training in mind.Our R & D process leaves no stone unturned in how we approach the appearance, stitching, construction, and assembly of our figure 8 straps for weight lifting. Take advantage of your next workout with Gymreapers straps.

Multiple Sizing Options

Discover the best fit for your figure 8 training straps for deadlifting by referring to our sizing chart in the image gallery. For accurate sizing and the best lifting strap fit measure around your wrist and pick your sizing accordingly.



Gymreapers works with world record holding powerlifters, IFBB olympians, and world class trainers representing our brand.

As we constantly innovate our products we work hand in hand with our customers and athletes to refine our products like our pair of figure 8 straps to serve you.

When you purchase our strongman training straps you can workout in confidence knowing the hours of testing put into your product will withstand any workout you put it through whether you're powerlifting, bodybuilding, competing in strongman, or are just training for health and fitness.


In today's day and age when you're looking for high quality fitness equipment it's easy to get stuck spending a fortune and ending up with gear that falls apart quickly, or a product that looks bad.

We've found through continuous trial and error that we've merged incredible value with aesthetic appearance and most importantly a functional and durable product.

We want everyone to experience the support, comfort, and confidence of having the premium level gear, Gymreapers fitness equipment.


Our products are tested by world class athletes at the top of their competitive fields to ensure longevity, durability, and functionality.

We strive to continue improving our products with each rendition and our mission is set on innovation in athletic performance.

Join the movement today with our premium lifting straps and take your training to the next level.

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